Av. de la Catalana, Barcelona
11.495,80 m2
In process
200 ud

The La Catalana Project was devised as a catalyst and aspires to landmark status within the new San Adria neighborhood. The building is conceived to stand out from its surroundings, highlighting the unique structure and utilizing the distinctive features of the plot it occupies. The building is supported by a plinth, freeing up a strategic space for the creation of a new square towards which shops and commercial activity will open, thus creating a vibrant public space in the neighborhood. Atop this plinth rest the three units that house the private spaces of the Co-living community, boasting an elegant style and featuring corridors that are open to the exterior and green spaces.

Complementing the exterior and interior uses, various elevated outdoor spaces materialize throughout the project, from the first floor patio located illuminating the inside, to the large terrace on the second floor which features a large community square as an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city and from which one can enjoy the views.

With more than 11.000 m2 (approx.118,403 ft2) of buildable area, the structure will also feature a 2,000 m2 (approx..215,27ft2) shopping area devoted to healthy and sustainable food. The rest will be YelloLiving, a new community promoting a healthy lifestyle for its residents. Nutrition, sports and mental and physical well-being will be the foundation of our community, with spaces created to provide a tranquil atmosphere, promoting personal meditation and reflection.
It will have approximately 200 rooms where its residents will be able to rest in private. In addition there will be a gym, working and co-working areas, and dining rooms alongside rooms for recreation and relaxation.

Our culinary options will be based on healthy and balanced nutrition for our residents, serving healthy and delicious drinks in the pool and recreation area.

We hope to open our doors to the public in 2023.

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Dining Room

Designed with both for those who enjoy the ritual of mealtimes and also for times when a short break is needed with versatile meal options on offer

Recreation Lounge

A relaxing and comfortable environment where residents can socialise and disconnect from their working routine


Dedicated space for the mind and body - break a sweat or calm the mind in rooms specifically designed for function


A little oasis with an abundance of vegetation, outdoor space and natural light. Created with warm and welcoming materials that are sensitive to the world we inhabit


Find your perfect workspace - Choose from private soundproof booths for private focus time or shared desk spaces to stimulate interaction and creativity.

Outdoor Recreation and Relaxation

Multifunctional outdoor space to enjoy sports, swimming, and relaxing. Space is also created for working in the sun, or eating and socialising with friends.

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YELLO chill

Chill-out zone + projector
Read a favourite book, study or relax in your free time. This provides space for you to disconnect in private.


Resting area + digital setup
Created for professionals. With a spacious and comfortable work area to increase your productivity and ample space for your equipment. We also provide access to a high-speed internet connection at no additional charge.

Yello Craft

Lounge area + workshop
Designed for artistic and artisan aspirations. Develop your creative talents, activities and crafts in a private workshop area with ample workspace and storage.

Yello Active

Lounge area + meditation space
Go inwards in your own private place. Practice Yoga, meditate and develop mind-body connection.

Yello Focused

Lounge area + Study
Avoid distractions from your work and study. With individual space to concentrate in silence.

Yello Suite

Lounge area + walk in closet
Unpack and enjoy your privacy. Enjoy ample space and storage with a personal lounge to rest and relax.

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