With the 2030 Agenda we are committed to building an equal and just society, and reducing our environmental impact.

No Poverty

To eradicate poverty by facilitating access to basic services and social protection

Quality Education

To ensure sustainable economic and social growth through access to education

Gender Equality

To provide women and girls with equal access to education and fair work opportunities

Affordable and Clean Energy

To guarantee access to affordable, reliable and modern energy in order to improve living conditions

Reduced Inequalities

To reduce inequality of opportunities by promoting social inclusion of vulnerable groups

Sustainable communities

To build sustainable cities and communities, through access to housing and basic services

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Facilities or programs to promote equal access to all levels of education


Care and assistance in reducing inequality. Ensuring greater representation and voice regardless of physical condition, gender or economic situation


Working together with alliances to achieve social development and improve the financial and employment situation of those most in need