To make your life easier, we provide a cleaning and sanitizing service throughout shared and private spaces. There is also a fully equipped self-service laundry room and professional dry-cleaning service.

Food and restaurants

Offering our residents services to promote proper nourishment, with supermarkets, restaurants and access to local organic food

Work space

We provide co-working spaces for individuals or groups, with computer facilities and tech support.

Suco Sessions

SUCO is a collective active meditation session specifically designed for people who are new to meditative practice. It combines electronic music rhythms, binaurals, visualization techniques, breathing and movement to cultivate feelings of love, freedom and gratitude.

Body-Mind care

We organize outdoor group sports activities, meditation sessions, and conscious nutrition workshops. Our residents will also receive special benefits at nearby gyms and fitness centers.

Social and cultural events

Socializing is an essential part of our co-living philosophy. We organize happy hours on the rooftop, concerts, expositions and outdoor movie nights in an effort to promote the interpersonal development of the community.

Expert care

If you have any personal problems or health issues, our team will guide and help you.